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Welcome to my new website “Moonflowerblooms.com”.  You might be wondering why the name?  As with any website or blogging site, the name sends a clear message as to the type of content or information that will be posted.  It gives the readers a flavor for what is to come, what they can be excited to read about while they open their computer and sip their coffee in the morning, and what keeps them coming back day after day seeking simple words, thoughts, photos, memories, and dreams of how we’ll live the rest of our life, a little more simply.

Moonflower Blooms has an important meaning to me for a couple of reasons.  As a baby boomer, I am reaching my retirement years and simplicity is my “go to” phrase for most of everything these days.  Moonflower Blooms means that to me – simple things that give us pleasure.  It’s the simplicity of the feel of cotton sheets, watching blooms on a tree miraculously turn to fruit, a great meal with good friends, a cool breeze while sitting in a swing, a good book that keeps you up at night turning yet another page, watching your grandchild color in the lines.  It’s anything that reaches into your soul, grabs it, and makes it smile – that type of smile that defies age and brings that youthful look into aging eyes.

My Dad died several years ago and he was and still is the spirit inside of me that nudges me to be who I am.  I felt, even as a girl, that our souls were alike, that the things he loved, I loved too.  There was a connection that was… just there.  We didn’t have to talk a lot.  We didn’t have to have heartfelt conversations or deep declarations of how we felt.  It was just there……

We moved to Arizona back in the late 70’s, leaving my mom and dad, sister, and my baby nieces in Illinois.   One of the hardest things that I ever did was to leave my family, however much the magnetic draw of the west drew me.  So, back then (pre the internet world), my dad would write long letters on yellow legal paper and tell me about his world.  Farming, church, family events, gardening, his dogs.  Things that were his world that would revive my spirit that was craving for the simplicity of that world.  Amidst the hectic career focused, child rearing, hippy days of the 80’s and 90’s, my dad’s letters brought me back to the simple spirit of my youth.

I am a hoarder, as my husband fondly calls me.  I throw away nothing, which has its pros and cons.   But during one of my “cleaning out” phases, I ran across letters from home that I had received from my Dad 30 years earlier.  The background of this webpage is the image of his writing, thus the basis for the name, design, and common thread that binds us all together – those of us searching for the simpler things in life.

The paragraph that meant the most – that spoke to me the most reverently was this one:

“I had a moonflower vine planted this year by the dead tree stump in back and it has been blooming up a storm – big white blooms from sunset till next morning.  I’ve planted them before but could not get them to bloom.  Isn’t it strange – it’s the little things that makes you happy!”

I could see him watching this vine daily during his walks around the yard, tending to his garden and his plants.  The saunter, the plaid shirt, the way he quietly moved with his dog by his side, tending to his plants and trees – the true farmer at peace with himself and the world around him that God entrusted him with.

Those words got me thru the homesickness that harbored inside me, always near the surface.  They calmed me, they moved me, they reminded me deep down where my roots were and where my spirit thrived.  It’s the little things that make you happy…..

My goal is to remind you of those.  To bring back memories, stories, photos, and encourage you to live a life that is simple.  A moonflower bloom type of life.


Simply yours…..


13 comments on “Why Moonflower Blooms

  1. Kay, the moonflower vine quote from your dad’s letter brought tears to my eyes. I adore your website and your writing style. Your words are a moonflower for my own soul!

  2. Your writings are so you. Each and every statement and word reaches into the soul. You have a God-given gift of embracing and sharing your life with others. It is indeed those things we cannot take with us, that sustain us. I am slowly reading your blog and enriched by every word. Your dad would be so proud

  3. How lucky you were to have a father who allowed himself to live and love in sensitivity and gratitude and who was, himself, a writer. And how lucky he was to have a daughter he knew, instinctively, would cherish his thoughts and feelings always and forever…

    I’m glad I happened upon your blog, Moonflower…


    • Thank you Tame, for your kind words. I sincerely appreciate your comment. Please visit my website often.
      Simply yours,

  4. Kay
    I turned 60 recently and am thankful.
    I have gone through the same life stages at roughly the same time as you.
    I have a wonderful family and friends but that doesn’t mean that life has been easy.
    Meditation, yoga, beautiful music and belief in God and as you say “keeping it simple” gives me strength and an appreciation for all the beautiful little things that happen each day.
    Your words reinforced so much how I feel and how lucky we were to have fathers that knew how to love their children and how to pass on what was important in life.
    Thank you

    • Hi Virginia –
      Thank you for reading my blog and for the great compliments. I truly appreciate your comments.
      Simply yours,

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