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This is me. A wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a nana, a friend, a writer.  The order of those are dependent on what day or moment calls to me. I want to be the best at all of them, thus the conflict is always swirling in my head, competing for the ringside seat, like it is for all of you. The biggest challenge all of us have is to be that superstar that juggles all of our priorities in the air, concentrating on each one as it flies by us, just hoping that one of them doesn’t fall.  Our intent is always good but the stress that it puts on our minds and in our hearts is that we have let any one of them down.  It’s no wonder that we get stressed.

I was born and raised as a farmer’s daughter in Central Illinois and I can not even begin to describe what a great childhood I had. Words like awesome, great, perfect come to mind, but seem too non-descriptive, too bland as words.  I was simply and sincerely blessed in every way.  My parents, my family, my country upbringing set the stage for everything else in my life.  It set me up with a solid foundation to build my life – that foundation consisting of solid core values, faith, and unconditional love that never wavered. It also set the tone for what makes me happy.  Simplicity, nature, country roads, a desire to create and explore.

I will forever be grateful for the life that I was born into.

I am in my early 60’s now and have happily migrated into my retirement years.  I have a husband that I want to spend time with, children and grandchildren that I want to be there for, creative things that I want to do, and ideas that I want to sprout and bloom into something that puts a mark on my little corner of the world. This website is one of the many ways that I want to express myself. I want to get back to that simple life that I had growing up.  The stress free days of youth and bringing “calm” back as my norm. Savoring each moment as exactly what they are – another piece of time to be felt with joy – the little things that make us happy.

If I can do that for you.  If I can start your day with a smile.  If I can remind you of a moment in time that brought joy into your life.  If I can be the match that ignites some passion that you have long ago buried.  If I can add more meaning to your life in any way, shape, or form.  If I can give you even one “Moonflower Blooms” moment, then I have accomplished exactly what I have set out to do.

So, that’s me, in a nutshell.  I am not complex. I am not pretentious.  I am not perfect.  I am…… simply me.


6 comments on “About Me

  1. Lovely. I just came back from a trip through Indiana and Illinois with my husband. I loved seeing all the beautiful farms. I can only imagine what your childhood must have been like. I’m right where you are, in my life. So glad I found your blog. It reads like a good cup of hot tea.

    • Silma,
      I am so happy that your trip took you through Indiana and Illinois and that you were able to see it all – especially this time of year, when the crops are at their fullest – green and plentiful. My childhood was the best – I was very blessed and fully appreciate it. So happy you found my blog and that you enjoy reading it.

      • Hello again! Yes, I’m following three blogs from women our age. It’s one of the “simple” pleasures I enjoy . Every woman has something different and unique to share. It makes my life richer. I usually end up sharing the stories with my grown daughters as well. I see you have some blogs I’ve missed, so I’ll catch when it’s “me time”!

  2. Found you on this morning’s Sixty and Me post. Inspiring insights that embrace the positive in life over sixty, rapidly approaching 70. Thank you for these reflective moments…Vicki

    • Thank you Vicki! So appreciate your reading and your comment. It’s a great time to acknowledge that we have the wisdom of our age teamed with an enduring youthful spirit. A great combination to embrace the future. Enjoy it all. 🙂

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