Dip Your Soul in the Water….

I’m sitting here in front of unending miles of taupe-colored sand bleeding out into this churning, volatile, mysterious, and peaceful water they call the sea. The repeated sounds of the crashing waves interrupts my psyche, my feelings, my ability to think about much. The undeniable awesomeness of the turquoise-blue beauty in front of me just begs to be gazed at, admired, and put on a respected pedestal.

The sounds and the beauty both hypnotize and console. The romantic portrait of the scene pleads to our hungry soul to take notice, soak it in, and seek solace from whatever it is that preys on our serenity. It gives us peace to be here. To dip our toes and our soul in the water of such magnitude. To feel our cluttered thoughts release with each swelling wave that spills over to the shore. To look past the breaking waters to the infinite calm horizon. It’s good for the soul….

It does this for most of us, it seems. The rich, the poor, the athletic, the non, all bodies, shapes and sizes, young, old, weak or strong. They are all here. They are all gazers of this masterpiece of God’s art. They are all feeling their cares poured out in the sand, grabbed, and, with fury, hurled back into the still waters and set free. Our souls surrender to the power.

What is it that we are all yearning for in our searching gaze?

Are the poor yearning for hope?

The rich for humility?

Weak for healing strength?

The strong for longevity?

The old – youth? The Youth wisdom?

Or are we all just searching for the commonality of our soul searching plea to heal us, strengthen us, and unite us in our quest for peace and happiness within. To give up thinking and just “Be”….

Does looking out upon the churning, continuous swelling and breaking of the waves symbolize and remind us of our inability to control the inevitable passage of our life. And does our gaze upon something so immense speak to us of our smallness in a universe whose vastness is beyond our understanding.

Is it our common desire and our frantic need to stand on the shore, dip our soul in the water, and watch our worries disappear like the footprints in the sand with each receding wave?

We breathe. We exhale. We release. We relax. We gaze longingly and frantically to savor the moment, the smell, and the sounds that orchestrate our love of the sea and what it does for us. We take it all in and tuck it away in that special place to be savored like a precious gem – our memories of the sea.

Until we need to be reminded again of that peaceful feeling of just “being”. We search inwardly, we find them tucked away and we draw them out of that special place and sigh….

The sound. The smell. We breathe. We exhale. We breathe. We exhale.

Simply yours,


4 comments on “Dip Your Soul in the Water….

  1. Thank you for that beautiful piece. There is something magical and healing being by the sea. A restful and mesmerizing beauty, ebbing and flowing – washing away stress, pain or sadness and returning it with peace and comfort. No expectations, just releasing you from whatever it is you need to let go of.

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